The Derby City Council Local Plan Part 1 - Draft Core Strategy, dated October 2013, now includes part of the land north of Chaddesden Wood for housing development. This site was previously a reserve site known as DER/0030 (see below), but is now known as "AC26-Land South of Mansfield Road, Oakwood".

All of these documents, and other parts of the Council's 'evidence base', can be downloaded from the DCC website here

The public consultation period will end on Friday 20 December 2013. FoCW are encouraging people to respond to this consultation through the website at or by emailing comments to Alternatively, comments can be sent to the following address:

Derby City Local Plan,

Part 1: Draft Core Strategy Consultation

Derby City Council





As part of the consultation process, DCC are proposing to run a number of drop-in events. The schedule below provides the dates and venues, with that at Chaddesden on 13th November 2013 being most local.

Please have your say, as the proposed development will impact the Chaddesden Wood LNR.

Derek Golson (FoCW Secretary) attended an Oakwood Planning and Development Sub-Group meeting on the subject on 15th October 2012, held at the Church on Oakwood. The meeting was chaired by our Neighbourhood Manager (Richard Smail), included Councillor Robin Wood and had two DCC officers from Spatial Planning to answer questions. There were about 6-7 members of the sub-group raising questions.

There are two proposed housing development areas in Oakwood, required to satisfy part of the 12,000 homes proposed across the city as a whole. These are both Green Wedge designations and include:

1) Land adjacent to Lime Lane (immediately north of Chaddesden Wood); referred to as DER/0030 and     planned for 200 new homes. See Page 25 of the Derby City Council SHLAA document.

2) Land along Breadsall Hilltop (on the other side of the A608 opposite the Bishops Drive entrance to it);     referred to as DER/0101 and planned for 250 homes. The plan for this appears to be missing from the     hyperlink given in Item 1.

Additional information on the two sites can be found on Pages 33 and 36 of the Derby City Council Core Strategy Preferred Growth Strategy Site Summary sheet.

As Friends of Chaddesden Wood, we are more concerned about the first bullet, so most of my questions were focussed on this. The Q&As are as follows:

1) When the sub-group met in 2011, these sites were offered, but with conditions, e.g. that land directly north of Chaddesden Wood is preserved as an extension to the wood (say, as a wild meadow). Q. Why are these conditions not included in the Core Strategy document? A. The conditions have been logged by Spatial Planning, but there are too many to be actually included in the document.

2) Are DER/0030 and DER/0101 included in the Derby City Core Strategy to be adopted in October 2013. Both sites are included, but are shown as "Potential Additional Housing Allocation". Q. So, are they in or out? A. Both sites are EXCLUDED from the plan to be adopted next year. They will, however, be considered for future strategy documents, which are 2 years away at a minimum.

3) The plan for DER/0030 referred to in the first bullet shows ALL of the arable field to the north of Chaddesden Wood as Housing Land Available. Q. This was not what was agreed as input from the 2011 Planning sub-group; Why? A. This is land that has been made available for development by the Landowner. It is not what will be developed at this point in time. Spatial Planning stated that only "nibbling of green wedges will be used for development", but subsequently quoted that the site could take 300 dwellings. If 200 new homes are ultimately built, that represents 66% of the site, which is NOT nibbling.

4) Q. What types of homes would be planned?

     A. A mix, but 30% of any development has to include Social Housing.

During an evening walk (7pm for two hours) around the wood on Friday, 26 July 2013, we located 34 of the uncommon Purple Hairstreak butterflies at the very top of the oak trees adjacent to the circular pathway. As these butterflies are quite small, it is recommended you take a pair of binoculars to view them. Nearly all were seen on oak trees bathed in sunlight.

We also found two young Great Spotted Woodpeckers, a family of Nuthatch and, surprisingly, a couple of Southern Hawker dragonflies at some distance away from water.

Evening walk

Pine tree to be felled

The mature pine tree established on the eastern perimeter of the Chaddesden Wood site, opposite Nature Trail Post No.10 and close to No.6 Evergreen Close, is infected with Sparissa Crispa (cauliflower fungus). The Derby City Council Arboricultural Officer advised, on 9 May 2013, that investigations had detected root decay and that, if left, would result in the tree becoming wind thrown. Due to the nature of the root decay it is impossible to ascertain the extent of the decay and give a precise time of failure. However, the tree does need to be removed at the earliest opportunity.

The officer has contacted an ecology firm and asked for a quotation to inspect the bat boxes and come up with mitigation/licences etc if the bat boxes are a roost. He suspects that the bat boxes will be relocated to adjacent trees.

No bat roost was found and the three bat boxes were reocated to an adjacent tree when the pine tree was felled during the week ending 18th October 2013.

Plans for 200 homes next to Chaddesden Wood






12th November

3:00pm - 8:00pm

Littleover Methodist Church


13th November

3:00pm - 8:00pm

Memorial Hall, Chaddesden


14th November

3:30pm - 8:00pm

Landau Forte Moorhead School, Allenton


18th November

3:30pm - 7:00pm

Sinfin Library


20th November

3:30pm - 8:00pm

Chellaston Academy


21st November

4:30pm - 7:00pm

Mickleover Library


27th November

3:00pm - 7:00pm

Pear Tree Library

Plans for 200 homes next to Chaddesden Wood

A public consultation event to discuss P&DG’s plans will take place on Friday 13th March 2015 from 2 – 7pm at the Church on Oakwood (378 Bishops Drive) to view their proposals for development on the site. You may have already received an A5 flyer publicising the event during the last week.

We urge you to read the attached documents and to attend the event on the 13th March 2015 in order that you can provide informed input to the formal planning process, which is expected to follow at the end of March.

Document 1     Document 2


A formal outline planning application from JGP Properties Ltd has now been submitted under Derby City Council reference 04/15/00449, and is dated 7th April 2015. A series of documents supporting the application can be found at Members of the public have submitted nearly 200 comments, together with a petition. The public consultation period has now ended. The next step is the actual Derby City Council Planning Committee review of the application, which will not take place before 10th September 2015.


The planning application has been delayed further by a combination of higher priority applications submitted to the Derby City Council Planning Committee and the new requirement for P&DG to undertake an Archaeological Field Evaluation of the site. Further, Cllr Harwood has requested that the Planning Committee members walk the site to understand the residents issues and this will take place on 18 November 2015. A P&DG formal response to the residents concerns can be found here.

The application has now been included on the agenda for the DCC Planning Control Committee meeting planned for 26 November 2015. It will take place in the Council Chamber in the council's office in Derby, starting at 6pm. You are welcome to attend in the public gallery.